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ANT Resource (Submitting an Entry)

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Actor Network Resource

Submitting a New Entry to the ANT Resource

The ANT resource is as good as its submissions - and for that we depend on you. If you have an article, book, or web page that you think should be included, please let us know.

For it to be included, you should provide us with the details listed below, in a format that fits the form of the resource. (We regret that we do not have the time or resources to review publications sent to us for possible entry.)

Please, therefore, ensure that you provide us with the following information:

1. Your Personal Details

Please give us your full
a. name
b. status
c. institutional address
d. email address and
e. WWW home page address (if applicable)

Note: we will assume that you are prepared to allow your name, email address and web home page address to be published on the acknowledgements page unless you indicate otherwise

2. Full Bibliographic Details of the Proposed Entry

Please follow the format used in the ANT resource. We won't be able to publish your entry unless you provide full details.

3. Classification

Please suggest between one and three categories for the entry. (For categories see the Thematically Organised List)

3. Your Comment

Please provide a brief comment (i.e. no more than about four lines) about the paper/document. Please note that the comments should be descriptive in nature rather than polemical in character! For guidance see the notes on the ANT Resource Home Page


Please submit your entry by email to I will acknowledge it upon receipt.

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