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PhD Supervision - Areas of Interest

  • Sarah Beresford

    Sarah Beresford

    Sarah Beresford would be happy to receive applications from potential doctoral students in the areas of Family, Gender, Sexuality and Religion.
  • Brian Black

    Brian Black

    I would be happy to supervise doctoral students working in the following areas - dialogue and debate in Indian philosophy, encounters between Hinduism and Buddhism, Indian ethics, secularism, yoga and meditation in contemporary Asia, gender and South Asian religions, religion and narrative in South Asia, Asian religions and environmental issues.
  • Mercedes Camino

    Mercedes Camino

    Professor Mercedes Camino would be happy to hear from students wishing to work on memorialisation of WWII resistance in Europe, the Spanish Civil War, Film and History, Early Modern Exploration and History of Cartography.
  • Bela Bonita Chatterjee

    Bela Bonita Chatterjee

    Dr Chatterjee welcome potential doctoral students in the following areas Socio-Legal studies, in particular: Gender, Sexuality and Law Film/Media and the Law Technology and Law
  • Anne Cronin

    Anne Cronin

    I am available to supervise PhD projects in the areas of: advertising, public relations and branding; consumption and consumer society; urban space and culture; friendship and sociality; gender and culture; media and cultural theory.
  • Debra Ferreday

    Debra Ferreday

    I am interested in working with students in any area of gender studies, media studies, cultural studies or visual culture, but have particular research interests in:Embodiment and performanceFemininities, including queer and trans femininitiesGender and popular cultureDigital media and online culturesCelebrity, fashion and dress
  • Allyson Fiddler

    Allyson Fiddler

    Contemporary German Cultural and Literary Studies, including film studies, single-author/playwright/film-maker studies, women's studies, and especially interested in Austrian Studies
  • Georgina Firth

    Georgina Firth

    Criminal law - particularly feminist perspectives, penology and sexual offences Immigration law - particularly feminist perspectives, issues relating to children and asylum issues
  • Anne-Marie Fortier

    Anne-Marie Fortier

    I would be interested in supervising research students within the areas related to my research interests, for example: Multiculturalisms; 'race', racisms; Migration and related aspects, including but not restricted to: migrant/diasporic/transnational lives; migration and national politics (policies, border controls, etc.). Sexuality and migration including but not restricted to: queer migrants and migrations; sexuality and migration (e.g. sexuality and border control); intimacy and migration. Citizenship and related including but not restricted to: cultural aspects of citizenship, sexual citizenship, intimate citizenship, citizenship and affect, or transnational citizenship; citizenship training or the like (e.g. citizenship curriculum in England; citizenship classes and ceremonies for immigrants), and so on.
  • Patrick Hagopian

    Patrick Hagopian

    Patrick Hagopian would like to hear from potential doctoral students interested in projects involving Critical Studies of Museums and Memorials; Cultural and Social Memory; Twentieth-Century Cultural Politics; Military Justice and Human Rights Law; Cold War and Post-Cold War Military Discourses; and Representations of the History of Race and Slavery.
  • Mary Hamilton

    Mary Hamilton

    Adult language, literacy and numeracy education (ALLN) and the new literacy studies; Informal adult learning and everyday practices; use of Literacies and Technologies across the lifespan; policy issues in ALLN, global and comparative perspectives; international assessments; media representations of educational issues; participatory research methodologies; institutional ethnography, socio-material approaches to research; use of visual data and computer assisted qualitative analysis..

    Geraldine Harris

    Gerry would be happy to supervise postgraduate students interested in any issues related to contemporary theatre, performance and television drama, particulary focussed around aesthetics and politics, including feminism, queer and issues relating to racism. She has in the past supervised to successful completion PhD students on experimental site specific and multi-media performance, circus, and applied theatre practice, considering issues of citezenship and education, affect, audience participation and democracy, narrative and masculinity. These include PhD's with practice as research elements.
  • Hilary Hinds

    Hilary Hinds

    I would be interested in supervising research projects on seventeenth-century literature, particularly writing from the radical religious sects, and on projects relating to twentieth-century women's writing and/or feminist criticism.
  • Ann-Marie Houghton

    Ann-Marie Houghton

    On areas associated with my research interests but in particular in the next few years on inclusive curriculum development, the academic and learning experiences of disabled learners, transitions issues into education and the workplace, especially for disabled graduates, from a multi-agency perspective the policy agenda of Schools that will encompass family and intergenerational learning from Faith Schools agenda
  • Carolyn Jackson

    Carolyn Jackson

    All aspects of gender and education. For example, single-sex and co-educational learning environments, girls' in- and out-of-school lives, concerns about boys' 'underachievement', constructions of gendered learner identities, gender and teacher identities, gender and the curriculum, gendered identities in Higher Education. Social psychology of teaching and learning, especially motives for learning or not learning, fear of failure, how classroom environments and peers shape approaches to learning and learner identities. Fear in education - the effects of fear onall aspectsof school and university life.
  • Veronika Koller

    Veronika Koller

    I am interested in supervising doctoral students in the areas of (critical) discourse analysis and metaphor studies , especially as investigated with regard to health communication, corporate discourse, and language and sexuality.
  • Corinne May-Chahal

    Corinne May-Chahal

    As ESRC North West Doctoral Training Centre Lancaster pathway lead for social work I am happy to take students with a serious interest in taking the social work and social care practice knowledge base further particular on an international and/or comparative level. In addition I have strong research interests in child protection (especially in the development and application of new technologies) and also gambling, criminal careers, resilience and vulnerability.
  • Maureen McNeil

    Maureen McNeil

    politics, theories, representations and popular narratives of reproduction feminist technoscience studies genomics and the media bioart and genomics popular biographies of scientists science and technology in popular culture cultural studies of technoscience power, theory and knowledge (particularly with reference to gender) feminist theory, practice and pedagogy class politics and relations, gender and class, inequalities and social justice
  • Karenza Moore

    Karenza Moore

    I would be happy to receive PhD applications on the following topics: Alcohol, novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and illegal drug use (risks, harms, pleasures); clubbing/raving; dance music cultures; night time economies; contexts, meanings, motivations and consequences of illicit drug use; local national and international drug policies; youth studies; leisure studies; sociologies of deviance; crime, deviance and new technologies/crime, deviance and media . Through my links with Lancaster University's Centre for Gender and Women's Studies (CGWS) I'm also interested in potential doctoral students in the areas of: gender and illicit drug use; gender and dance club cultures.
  • Lindsey Moore

    Lindsey Moore

    I am interested in supervising high quality projects on Arab and South Asian literatures in English, French or translation, particularly under the umbrella of postcolonial or world literature studies. I am particularly keen to receive PhD proposals on (any kind of) Palestinian writing. 

    Hannah Morgan

    Hannah is interesting in supervising projects in the inter-disciplinary field of disability studies.
  • Maggie Mort

    Maggie Mort

    Topics I would be interested in supervising include: science, technology and medicine studies - in particular studies of clinical practice, learning and evidence telecare and domestic space; governance and ethics of new care technologies; evidence in action studies; lay ethnographies of technoscience;disaster and recovery studies; disease containment strategy - in particular zoonoses
  • Shuruq Naguib

    Shuruq Naguib

    Qur'anic commentary (Tafsir) Modern Interpretation of the Qur'an Islamic Ritual Jurisprudence Muslims in Britain Gender and Islam
  • Lynne Pearce

    Lynne Pearce

    Lynne Pearce welcomes applications from students working in the fields of: cultural theory, feminist theory, romance studies and mobilities research.
  • Corinna Peniston-Bird

    Corinna Peniston-Bird

    Dr Peniston-Bird would like to hear from students interested in writing dissertations and theses on topics that would fall under the following headings: The combat taboo and gendered experience of war and commemoration. Britain in the First and Second World Wars. Austria in the inter-war period. Cultural Representations of and Personal Testimonies in the above fields.Students writing essays and dissertations might be interested in the following guide to websites useful for Modern British History.
  • Celia Roberts

    Celia Roberts

    Supervision I am interested in a number of research areas, mostly focusing on issues relating to health, embodiment, sexuality, reproduction and biology. I have co-supervised 7 PhD students to completion to date and all have passed with no or minor amendments: - Lin Wen-Yuan (2005) who worked on kidney dialysis in Taiwan; - Kaori Sasaki (2006) who worked on brain death and organ transplantation in Japan; - Ranjini C.R. (2006) who worked on health information systems in southern India - Anne Rudolph (2009) whose thesis focussed on young lesbian, bi-sexual and queer women's understandings of sexually transmitted infections; - Clare Hollowell (2010) who studied young women's experiences of fun; and -Shih, Li-Wen (2012) whose research focussed on prenatal testing and screening in Taiwan. -Brigit Morris-Colton (2014) who studied an arts for mental health service, focussing on the concept of recovery. I have sixcurrent phD students and two starting in September 2014 1. Rebecca Fox, who is working on women with learning disabilities living in secure accomodation (ESRC-funded) 2. Kate McNicolas-Smith, who is working on lesbians on television (ESRC-funded) 3. Alison Hanbury, studying the HPV vaccine in the UK, as part of the Prescriptive Prescriptions (ERC) project 4. Oscar Maldonado,researching the HPV vaccine in Colombia (funded by Colombian goverment) 5. Joann Wilkinson, studying reproductive biosensors as part of the 'Making sense of biosensors' project, funded by Intel 6. Lucy Ryan, studying adoptors' views and exeriences of parenting (self-funded) 7. Cron Cronshaw, who will be working on young trans people's autobiographies (ESRC funded) 8. Fay Wright, who will be researching telecare for older people, building on our EFFORT project on telecare (ESRC funded) All of these are empirical research projects, using methods such as participant observation, interviewing, focus groups and textual analysis. I am deeply interested in feminist and social theory and am an editor of a leading feminist journal, Feminist Theory. I am very keen to work with postgraduate students on these themes relating to feminist theory, embodiment and sexuality, either in Sociology or Women's Studies. Prospective students should feel free to contact me by email to discuss the possibility of studying at Lancaster.
  • Vicky Singleton

    Vicky Singleton

    I welcome research students and have supervised 15 students researching in a range of substantive areas including; Caesarean section and women's right to choose, Surgical construction and treatment of obesity, Schizophrenia and psychiatric care, Young women, sexuality and Christian traditions, The co-evolution of children's bodies and prosthetic limbs. I am interested in and have expertise in qualitative research including participant observation, interviews, and textual analysis in the form of detailed case studies. In particular I am interested in research that seeks to articulate and to appreciate the work of practice of programmes, policies, interventions, systems and guidelines.
  • Alison Stone

    Alison Stone

    Feminist philosophy German Idealism and Romanticism nineteenth-century German philosophy twentieth-century Continental philosophy French feminism Hegel
  • Lucy Suchman

    Lucy Suchman

    I'm interested in supervising postgraduate research in science and technology studies, particularly projects involving ethnographic research on any aspects of practices of technology design/production and consumption/use, and in the area of feminist technoscience, particularly with respect to information and communications technologies; robotics, artificial intelligence and the cyborg; human-computer interaction and new media.

    Amit Thakkar

    Spanish and Latin American Literature and Film (masculinities, violence, irony,postcolonial theory, revolution).
  • Carol Thomas

    Carol Thomas

    Disability Studies Sociology of Health and Illness / Medical Sociology (general) Cancer experiences End of lifeand palliative care Patient Experiences of theNational Health Serviceand other health care and therapy services.
  • Imogen Tyler

    Imogen Tyler

    I welcome PhD applications in my areas of research: applicants should be enthusiastic, self-motivated, well-organised and have a strong academic track record.
  • Jo Warin

    Jo Warin

    I would be interested in receiving proposals on: the development of identity through the school years, parenting (especially with a focus on gender), the home-school relationship, gender issues in education (particularly those concerned with issues about male staff in early years education), early childhood
  • Ruth Wodak

    Ruth Wodak

    I would be especially interested in supervising PhD candidates working in the following areas: (Critical) Discourse Studies (theories, methodologies) Identity Politics (individual, collective; national, transnational) Language and/in Politics Discrimination, Racism, Anti-Semitism, and Sexism in/via Discourse Commemoration; collective memories politics of the past
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