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Past and present research studentsCurrent Gender and Women's Study PhD research

PhD students undertake research from varied fields within the theme of gender & women's studies and do so in conjuntion with other subjects if required. This table shows the research of our current students, and below examples of past research within the centre.

Name Thesis Title

Clare Hollowell

"Young women and the importance of fun"

Elisavet Pakis

"Playing in the dark: performing (im)possible lesbian subjects"

Ana Pereira

"Women, Disability, Chronic Illness and Disablism: A Comparative Study of Chronically Ill People in Portugal and England"

Mirza Taslima Sultana

"Infertility and assisted reproductive technology: in the context of Bangladesh"

Nina Held

"Racialised lesbian spaces"

Lia Kinane

"Female friendship in the rural context: Issues of continuity and flux"

Ana Makuc

"The problematization of gender and the concept of ''woman'' in feminist cyberpunk science fiction literature"

Tara Leach

"Gendered and racialized embodiment of black women in organisational 'spaces"

Irene Photiou

"Women and rethorical discourse in Cyprus"

Brigit Morris-Colton

"How can art assist in the recovery of mental health?"

Woo-Joo Chang

"Women, nature and constructory subjectivity; Korean women's environmental feminism and activism"

Past PhD research (sample)


Olivia Falgayrac - "Teenage mothers: A comparative study in England and France"

Clare Woolhouse - "Transforming women: The representation of women's adaptability in women's magazines 1970-2004"



Sarah Belle Proctor-Thomson -  "Creative Differences: The Performativity of Gender in the Digital Media Sector”

Anne Rudolph - "Gender, sexualities and health: Interrogating discourses of risk of female-to-female transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections"

Clare Johnson - "Textures of Femininity: Temporality, Feminism and Generation in Contemporary Women's Art"



Esperanza Miyake - "Singing Out Together: Towards a Queer Ethnography of Music and Sexuality"

Thomas Grimwood - "Ironology and the interpretation of misogyny in the philosophy of Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and Nietsche"

Sonya Sharma - "The Impact of Protestant Church Involvement on Young Women's Sexual Identities"

Ranjini Canchi Raghavendra - "Implementing public health information infrastructures in India : an ethnographic approach"



Elin Lundsten - "Speaking Subjects in the Good School: Language and Relations of Power"

Fiona Summers - "Unanticipated Space: Embodies Encounters in Contemporary Visual Culture"

Michaela Fay - "Mobile Belonging: An Exploration of Transnational Feminist Commections"

Stephanie Munro - "Lydia Maria Child's anti-slavery and anti-prejudice appeal, 1830-1867"

Rohana Yusof - "Socio-cultural traits and entrepreneurship among Malay rural businesswomen in Malaysia : an analysis through a feminist perspective"



Jo Armstrong - "Classed and gendered experience of combining employment and motherhood"



Consuelo Rivera - "Sym/bio/graphy: Processes of Self-narration in the Practice of the Lesbian Self"



Helen Baker - "Abused women and access to systems of support"

Fei-Wen Cheng - "The 'Wounded' Nation: Trauma, memory and national identity in contemporary Taiwanese society"

Caroline Jones - "Medico-legal discourses around parenthood and "the family" in relation to donor insemination"

Madeleine Jowett - "Negotiating Feminism: Young Wjomen's changing Relationships to Feminism in the Context(s) of Contemporary Britain"

Juliette Pattinson - "The Gendering of Military Identity: women in the resistance and SOE"

Victoria Thoms - "Ghostly Present: Bodies, Dancing, Histories"

Lewis Turner - "Transitions and Renaissance: an ethnography of gender and transformations"



Yu-Ying Lee - "The Hun Sha Zhao: Wedding photography and consumer culture in contemporary Taiwan"

Caroline Gatrell - "Hard Labour - The social experience of combining motherhood with career"



Julia Clare Garritt - "The role of science in implementing the biodiversity convention: A case study of Morecambe Bay"

Nick Hunt - "Questioning Exhibitionism? Promoting Sustainable Development at Earth Centre"

Rachel Lee - "Do roads mean jobs: A rhetorical analysis of transport discourse in the north west and in Edinburgh"

Jocey Quinn - "Powerful subjects: Women students, subjectivity and the higher education curriculum"

Francesca Stafford - "My pictures are all moments of my life': representations of time and space in the work of Gabriele Munter and Else Lasker-Schuler"

Katrina Stengel - "A case study in efforts to prevent sudden infant death syndrome: Continuity and Specifity of Practice"

Myung-Sook Sung - "Modernisation and Tradition in Korean Women's Lives: a historical study of the construction of feminine identities in an evolving patriarchy"



Diane Railton - "It's Different for girls: gendering the audience for popular music"

Jane Kilby - "Animated Testimony: Feminism, Witnessing and Childhood Sexual Trauma"



R. A. McElroy - "Spirits at the Border: Migration and identity in Contemporary Africa - and Latin-American Women's Fiction"

Anne Cronin - "Consumer Citizenship: Advertising, Difference, Selfhood and Europe"

Jean Ada Carroll - "Reflexive Accounts: The lives of retired professional women"

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