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PhD Supervision Interests

On areas associated with my research interests but in particular in the next few years on inclusive curriculum development, the academic and learning experiences of disabled learners, transitions issues into education and the workplace, especially for disabled graduates, from a multi-agency perspective the policy agenda of Schools that will encompass family and intergenerational learning from Faith Schools agenda


Institutional Development Interests

My university widening participation work links closely with research and teaching interests. I am involved in working with colleagues in the School of Lifelong Learning and Widening Participation and others throughout the university on widening participation issues associated with the student lifecycle thus including projects connected with pre-entry experiences that are funded via Lancaster University's Access Agreement as well as post arrival teaching, learning and student access to guidance and student services.

I am a member of the university's Equal Opportunities Committee, Disability Network, Harassment Network and a senior member of Cartmel College.

Research Interests

My research interests are closely linked to the work of REAP and my university role as Teaching and Curriculum Development Advisor.  Major themes at present include:

  • Educational Equality and Social Exclusion
  • Inclusive teaching and learning policy and practice
  • Family Learning within school and community context
  • Disability and transition to HE and Employment
  • Widening participation policy and practice
  • Educational Guidance See also doctoral research

Professional Bodies

I am a Honorary Chair of the Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in Education of Adults (SCUTREA)

I am on the advisory editorial board for the:

  • Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning
  • Teaching in Higher Education

Current Teaching

Originally trained in the primary sector I have a long standing interest in encouraging learners of all ages to take an active role in their own learning and describe my approach to teaching and learning as collaborative and interactive. I have taught on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and developed modules relating to areas of research including Aimhigher, social exclusion, race and disability and education. In addition, I have taught adult learners within a variety of community contexts and have contributed to Lancaster University's Higher Education Academy accredited Certificate of Academic Practice (CAP).

Academic Year 2012-13

I am teaching on one of the PiNE undergraduate programme modules Advanced Seminars in the Psychology of Education: Child wellbeing in School (308b)

I am contributing to the Educational Research MA in Education Programme

  • MA in Research Methods (EdS 801)
  • MA in Educational Policy (EdS 812)
  • MA in Gender and Education (EdS 814 co-convenor)

I am module convenor of the Organisation and Educational Development Postrgaduate module for the Certificate of Academic Practice (CAP) Curriculum Design and Development module

I have PhD students who are working on the following topics:

  • Collaborative networks and Professional Development between mainstream and Special Educational Needs (SEN) teachers
  • Inclusive provision for visually impaired learners in Saudi Arabia
  • Ethnic Minorities and the Cognitive Ability Test (CATs)
  • UK Higher Education Teachers and the Disability Discrimination Act
  • The evaluation in Development Education: outcomes measurement

All courses provide an opportunity to disseminate and generate discussion about past and current research projects undertaken by the REAP group.

I completed Lancaster's Certificate in Academic Practice in 2006 and was nominated for the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, 2010. The CAP programme provided a valuable forum for reflecting on my practice and has proved useful in my role in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science's Courses committee which is responsible for reviewing new course proposals and for offering advice to colleagues in Blackburn College who are responsible for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education Studies.


Inclusive Curriculum Design in Higher Education: Considerations for effective practice across and within subject areas

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Student diversity, the institutional context and the challenge of creating an inclusive learning environment.

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Research output: Contribution in Book/Report/ProceedingsChapter


Connecting policy and practice in the refugee integration agenda.

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Research output: Contribution to conferenceOther

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Getting through the gate is only the first hurdle: a review of disabled students' support needs throughout the student lifecycle

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Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

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