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Over the course of the academic year, our interns produce reports  in collaboration with our external partners. These reports are often used by external partners to inform policy decisions, including feeding into a House of Commons Select Committee hearing. Examples of the reports can be found below:

The Nature of Affiliation: Daesh in Africa and the Middle East

Exploring Radicalisation in Af-Pak

Exploring Radicalisation in the Gulf

Exploring Radicalisation in the Levant

Exploring Radicalisation in North Africa

Exploring Radicalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Involvement of Communities in the Development and Delivery of CSR Policies

The Effect of ISIL on Iraq, Syria, the Kurdish region, Jordan and Turkey with relation to Displaced Peoples

Borders, People and the Kurdish Political Situation in Syria

The Roma People in Europe

Mali 2013

Libya 2013: Cyrenaica and Possible Autonomy


Bosnia's Role in the Syrian Conflict





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