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Student Testimonials

Emily Siddall

EmilyI learnt and developed lots of new skills during the Richardson Institute Internship Programme, such as time-management, organisation, research techniques, and many more.

I also managed to secure my summer internship at the University through the Richardson Institute, and hope to take part in this programme again next year. I would definitely recommend the internship programme to current and future students.



Rosie Mutton

RosieFor me, participation in the internship has been a hugely rewardingexperience. In addition to enhancing key research skills through a
variety of projects and workshops, it enabled me to meet new friends, resulting in personal as well as academic development.

It adds experience to my CV that would have otherwise have been inaccessible to me, as other, similar internships require relocation to London and a huge time commitment.

I have really enjoyed the two years that I have been involved with the internship program and definitely recommend it to other students.


Ludovica Di Giorgi



Being an intern at the Richardson Institute has been a fantastic experience. Not many internship programmes, especially at the undergraduate level, allow students to engage in actual research, but the Richardson Institute provides the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research with a tangible impact. This experience has improved my networking, presentation and research skills, and it has also given me the opportunity to work with external partners on projects outside of the programme itself. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone not to miss this opportunity!





Lucia Ardovini

My research focuses on contemporary forms of Political Islam in the MENA region, with a particular focus on the Muslim Brotherhood in post-revolutionary Egypt. Other interests include environmentalism and conflicts in the Middle East, and IR of the region.

Working as an Internship Coordinator for the Richardson Institute is incredibly stimulating, from both the professional and the academic point of view. The Institute gives students the tools and opportunity to develop their skills beyond academia, and to work on projects that have a tangible impact and output.

Seeing students from different backgrounds and Departments coming together and engage in research while also developing both their professional and academic skills is incredibly rewarding, as the programme offers them a unique opportunity to work closely with external organisations which make a real, positive difference.

Having been an intern myself, I have experienced firsthand the unique opportunities that the Institute offers to its students, and I am happy to be a part of it and to make sure that we keep delivering such high standard and exclusive experiences.


Daniel Snape


SnapeThe RIIP is a rare opening for anyone interested in postgraduate study, social policy, or independent research. Unlike with most internships, applying isn’t a full-time job in itself: it was just eight days from application to the first workshop. Best of all, it’s a chance to write something that doesn’t just end up on a tutor’s desk — my team’s initial findings report was given as evidence in Parliament.





Grant Helm

Grant Helm

Having worked with the Richardson Institute as both an intern and coordinator I have been able to gain a full appreciation of just how valuable the Institute can be to anyone involved. My experience as an intern helped me to gain placements with the Civil Service Fast Stream and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Through the internship I have been able to engage in research which has directly benefited my studies and, going into a PhD, I have been able to establish a working relationship with Moonshot CVE through the opportunities handed to me by the Institute. The programme is a truly unique opportunity to get involved in projects which have scope to make a real difference, with organisations ranging from the Ministry of Defence to International Alert. The internship programme also offers a number of workshops and events which aid the development of interns skills feeding into a more complete opportunity for professional development.


Diandra Pavel

DiandraThe RI Internship Programme has proved to be a great opportunity to integrate theory learned throughout the courses in a more formal context. Research is given a whole new meaning as you need to go beyond standard investigation and filter carefully the data found, which will later be embedded in a report going to relevant third parties. I think every student should get involved with the Richardson Institute since it gives you a grasp of what it's like to work in the field of peace and conflict, not to mention it adds invaluable practical training to your experienc




Maxwell Green

The Richardson Institute has been an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to research global issues which rarely receive coverage has been beneficial to fill gaps in prior research, but it was also a brilliant way to link studies to this research. It was a great way to improve research, presentation, and also group work skills. I would thoroughly recommend everyone to participate, it is a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed.


Samantha McGarry

The Internship has been a unique experience, a great opportunity to do some real world research into current issues, which is now being actively used by our organisation. I’ve gained new skills that can’t be gained in the lecture theatre alone, and feel I've had the opportunity to make a difference. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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