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Our Aims and Scope

The principle aim of the Technology Enhanced Learning theme and those associated with the centre is to further develop excellent basic and applied research, to support related postgraduate training and to disseminate knowledge in this field both within and beyond the academic community.

Our research spans a wide range of contexts and approaches. We seek to understand basic learning processes and the ways they relate specifically to digital technologies, and we focus on learning and pedagogical approaches using digital technologies and networks to support learning - for learners from primary schooling to higher education and in the workplace:

  • across formal learning settings to non-formal, informal and home settings;
  • involving networked learning, online communities of practice to uses and developments of specific technologies (including games-based, simulations and those involving multimodalities);
  • how technologies are used by groups of learners (including professional groups, elderly people, vulnerable populations such as youth at risk);
  • how the emergence of digital practices and literacies shape learning in a digital age;
  • and how to apply and develop appropriate methodological approaches to our ranges of studies.

Our work explores educational aspects of technology use, including collaborative learning, knowledge creation, identity development, and design of conducive Technology Enhanced Learning environments and communities.


Forthcoming conferences with Centre members on organising or programme committees:

SalTE2016: Stakeholders in Information Technology in Education

Guimaraes, Portugal
6-8 July 2016

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