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An international study event

Date: 20-21 May 2013

The Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning recently hosted an international study event. The 2-day study event on 20th and 21st March 2013, opened by Pro-Vice Chancellor (Internation), Professor Steve Bradley, involved eightcontributors, sharing and presentingcomplementary research perspectives on a common theme - 'Developing and using digital skillsacross school, training and work-based learning landscapes'.

The contributors comprised a team of experts in the fields of: employee and employer digital skills in knowledge sharing initiatives in business; training transitions that involve digital skills; relationships of transitions and motivations; the development and place of digital skills in schools; and how digital technologies are used in contrasting learning landscapes.They presented on the following topics:

  • Associate Professor Dr Lim Tong Ming, Sunway University, Sunway, Malaysia - Organisational learning and knowledge sharing in companies in Malaysia
  • Angela Lee Siew Hoong, Sunway University, Sunway, Malaysia - Knowledge sharing among knowledge workers from the perspective of a task categorisation-knowledge sharing systems fit
  • Professor Colin Rogers, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK - Digital skills and motivation in young people
  • Dr Sue Cranmer, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK - Digital skills and competencies in schools in the UK
  • Michael Larbalestier, Prospects, UK - Digital skills for job search and career support
  • Paul Davies, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK - Using digital technology to support transitions
  • Associate Professor Denise Leahy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - Digital skills of employees (employers' needs)
  • Professor Don Passey, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK - Digital skills in contexts of evolving and emerging learning landscapes

Four key points emerged

  • Theways that digital technologies are used result in part from the age and experience of the user; there is a developmental perspective to acquisition and use of digital skills that shifts for the individual through the lifespan.
  • Digital technologies continue to be developed and new technologies emerge; there is a technological shift affecting digital skills over time.
  • Digital skills are associated with learning landscapes, the places and situations in which learning arise; these may be informal (as they are for the very young, beginning to use digital technologies in family and home settings), formal (as they are for those in compulsory and post-compulsory education), and non-formal (for those in training and employment settings).
  • Digital skills are affected by settings and the contexts in which learning occurs.

The participants are exploring ways to develop their complementary research areas.


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