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Presentation at a Headteacher Conference

Date: 27 November 2013

Professor Don Passey recently presented to a headteacher conference in Birmingham, organised by LINK2ICT. The topic of Don's presentation, 'When and how does ICT impact learning?', focused on the research evidence that tells us how ICT can support and enhance learning in different formal, informal, and non-formal learning environments. Different outcomes that can result in different curriculum and learning contexts were highlighted and discussed with the audience;these are detailed more within Don's recently published book entitled 'Inclusive technology enhanced learning: Overcoming Cognitive, Physical, Emotional and Geographic Challenges'.

The presentation is accessible on the LINK2ICT website: http://www.link2ict.org/images/stories/Files/pht13/don_passey.pdf.

News website: http://www.link2ict.org/index.php/news-9/443-link2ict-primary-head-teachers-conference-2013-presentations


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