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Seminar Series - Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners

Date: 4 June 2014 Time: 12.30 - 2.00 p.m.

Venue: B.89 County South

Dr Vicky Duckworth

Edge Hill University

Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners

The seminar will draw on my recent 'insider'research based on how sixteen former Basic Skills Learners have been shaped by the public domain of schooling, college and work and the private domain of family, friends and home (Duckworth 2013, 2014). It draws on Bourdieu's notion of habitus, with modifications, to examine the historical, present and emergent character of the learners' trajectories and their experiences of navigating through the flow (or lack of flow) of capitals in the domains they entered and the constraints, possibilities and empowerment this can offer. The learners' trajectories illuminate the objective and subjective dimensions of their identities and how they inform, rupture and transform the habitus in relation to the changing interplay between classed and gendered processes over the learners' life-course.

Duckworth, V.(2013)Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners. Routledge Research in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education. Routledge: London

Duckworth, V.(2014) Transformational Literacy in Duckworth, V and Ade-Ojo, G (eds) Landscapes of Specific Literacies in Contemporary Society: Exploring a social model of literacy. Routledge Research in Education. Routledge: London


Who can attend: Anyone


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