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Research impact stories

Read our short stories about how our research work has been applied by different users, and to demonstrate its impact in many different fields.

Enhancing learning by targeting learner needs

The application of research by Don Passey using strategic evaluation, learning framework analyses, and a new concept of MEGAcognition, has increased focus on the importance of process and context, to develop, customise and implement more appropriate educational resources through digital technologies.


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Research on evaluation

Research led by Murray Saunders has played an influential role in the development and implementation of educational policy in the UK and in strengthening evaluation practice worldwide, for example, through the EvalPartners initiative. 

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Social practice theory applied in three domains

Bamber, Saunders & TrowlerRoni Bamber, Murray Saunders and Paul Trowler toast the publication of the third volume of their trilogy which uses the version of social practice theory developed by here@lancaster. It has been applied to HE issues of the enhancement of teaching and learning, the reconceptualisation of evaluative practices, and the Tribes and Territories analogy.

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"Laddish" behaviour and learner engagement

Lads and ladettes book coverCarolyn Jackson has conducted extensive research on ‘laddish’ behaviour and learner engagement in secondary schools. The research has been utilised by UK Goverment Departments and included as a core aspect of the OCR A/S Level Sociology syllabus.

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EcoversityThe Ecoversity programme at Bradford University reviewed and changed many aspects of university life with a goal of sustainable development. Senior academics at Bradford made extensive use of aspects of socio-cultural theory developed by members of the here@lancaster research group.

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Wolverhampton Local Authority

Girls using laptopDon Passey has undertaken research and evaluation work with local authorities over a period of many years, for example, with Wolverhampton Local Authority (LA) where he has completed a succession of research and evaluation studies to inform and influence the directions and strategy of e-learning in the LA, and to support teachers in schools with e-learning practices.

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Simulation based medical education

Simulation based medical educationArmineh Shahoumian combined her doctoral research with work as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) research associate. She worked as a participant observer helped to develop learning activities and also to review the processes involved in this type of learning for students and facilitators.

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Literacy in policy and practice

Nicaraguan learnerMary Hamilton has conducted internationally influential research on adult literacy since 1995. Examples of the utilistation of Mary's research include the UK Government's Skills for Life (SfL) policy and practice, and UNESCO's Global Literacy Challenge.

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NEETS (young people not in education, employment or training)

Go Create bannerResearchers in the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning have undertaken studies in this field since 2007, exploring how digital technologies are used by young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), and how they can be used by those supporting them.

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Inclusive curriculum design and delivery

Graduates on bridgeAnn-Marie Houghton's practice and research on inclusive curriculum in Higher Education has been disseminated to national and international audiences.

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Student engagement in Higher Education

Student engagement posterPaul Trowler and Vicki Trowler conducted wide-ranging research about student engagement in higher education and widely disseminated their findings in a variety of contexts.

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This is one of several visual recordings of the lifeboat sessions at EFMD conference 2011, Budapest. Copyright Szilart Strennar, graphic facilitator, Grafacity.


Academic tribes and territories

Academic tribes and territoriesPaul Trowler continues to develop the tribes and territories thesis which now incorporates the social practice approach to the topic.

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Data mangement in schools

Next generation of info technology book coverDon Passey has been exploring ways that data management systems in schools operate, how they are used and how they could be enhanced to support teacher needs since 2002.

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