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Date: 20 October 2011

An article by Dr Carolyn Jackson and Dr Nigel Sherriff entitled 'A qualitative approach to intergroup relations: exploring the applicability of the Social Identity Approach to "messy" school contexts' was the subject of a two-page piece in the TES on 7th October. The article, soon to be published in the journal Qualitative Research in Psychology, explores intergroup relations in schools. Jackson and Sherriff argue that Social Identity approaches to intergroup relations, which are currently dominant worldwide, are limited by their reliance on positivist approaches. In the article, Jackson and Sherriff focus on the complex interplay between discourses about popularity within schools, constructions of gender identities, and intergroup relations. In doing so, they demonstrate the benefits that qualitative research may have for social psychological intergroup theories and their applications.

This item was reported in: TES on 07/10/2011


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Associated departments and research centres: Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing in Education, Educational Research


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