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Core Module: Education, Learning and Work

The aim of this module is to enable students to assess critically theory of, and practice at, the training/education and work interface. The objectives are as follows:

  • To locate students' professional practice in theoretical debates on education/training and work.
  • To compare and situate students' professional practice in accounts of, and research in, the structures and processes which bind education and work.

There are seven possible themes (strands) available for intensive study. Discussion will take place with students to determine the emphasis and focus of their coursework.

The strands are:

  • Strand 1: Theories on training/education and work relationship
    Structuralist theories - Marxist, Functionalist and Keynesian, Educational theories - Liberal, Deweyan, Reconstructionalist, Progressive
  • Strand 2: National policy perspectives on work related education
    Global tendencies; European, US comparisons
  • Strand 3: Focus on British government policy since 1944
    Embedded theory of work/education and training links in policy, Relationships between education and training policy
  • Strand 4: Class and gender issues in education and training and work
    The sociology of employment opportunity, Experiences of education and work connections
  • Strand 5: Innovations in work related curricula and training
    Work related innovations in a global context, Work related innovations in the UK with particular reference to HE/FE
  • Strand 6: The competence movement
    The meaning of competence in an HE/FE work based environment, Work based learning experiments
  • Strand 7: Changing work, changing learning
    Issues in the changing requirements of work practices, Understanding professional/workbased learning

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