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Core Module: Policy, Change and Organisational Development

This module aims to provide participants with a theorised understanding of the nature, conditions, constraints and change processes in further and higher education. Its objectives are as follows:

  • To equip participants with the knowledge and understanding that are necessary to undertake high-level and well-theorised research on change and development within (or about) institutions of higher and/or further education.
  • To enable participants to locate their professional practice and day-to-day experience in a relevant conceptual framework and to enhance their organisational and developmental skills.

During the taught sessions the aim is to provide conceptual and theoretical tools which can be used to inform research and writing in the area of further and higher education policy and organizational change.

During the residentials the teaching and discussion will address different levels of analysis, progressing from the global and national, moving to the institutional level, and finally to the departmental and individual level. The nature and significance of the interconnections between the levels will be explored.

Broad issues such as globalization, the massification of higher education, managerialism and other trends across the world will be addressed in the earlier sessions. Later ones will look at more fine-grained issues such as institutional and departmental cultures and their influence as well as academic identities, how these are shaped and how they relate to social practices. Within this framework participants are invited to identify, research and write about an area that is of direct professional relevance to themselves and their professional context.

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