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Module C: Researching and Reflecting on Post-Compulsory Educational Practice

On successful completion of this module course members will demonstrate that they are working towards the ability to:

  • write at doctoral standard within appropriate timescales
  • discuss critically alternative perspectives on post-compulsory educational practices, including accounts of knowledgeability, skills, and the development of meaning in further and higher education colleges and universities
  • identify the implications for research design, data collection and analysis strategies of the problematic and contested character of educational practices in post-compulsory education
  • consider a range of possible research methodologies and methods for studying one aspect of educational practice in further and higher education
  • make an appropriate selection from among them and defend that choice
  • demonstrate the ability to apply the chosen research approach in the field
  • competently apply appropriate data analysis techniques, including both quantitative and qualitative and those associated with the analysis of documentary data
  • critically consider the ontological and epistemological status of data collected in the selected manner and defend the choice from criticism on epistemological and ontological grounds
  • predict and prepare a response to potential viva voce questions in the area of educational research and post-compulsory educational practice

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