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PhD in Higher Education Research, Evaluation and Enhancement

Part time, distance learning - by thesis and coursework

This new and distinctive PhD in Higher Education Research, Evaluation and Enhancement (by thesis and coursework) is a part-time structured PhD programme that is undertaken entirely online, over 4-5 years. It provides a well-defined and supported route to a PhD for professionals working in higher education institutions around the world. The programme is designed so that participants can study entirely at a distance from Lancaster and whilst in full or part-time employment in a higher education environment.

Tutors are internationally renowned researchers, based in one of the best Education Departments in the UK, in a University ranked in the top 200 world-wide and top 10 in the UK. The Department has an established and excellent reputation for research in Higher Education and in Doctoral programme provision which has been running since 1995.

The programme has been designed to enable issues, theories, methods, research and evaluation to be applied specifically to the particular concerns, contexts and priorities of the higher education organisations and environments in which participants are working. Participating in the programme will enable participants to enhance practices of different sorts within their higher education institutions. The programme builds a mutually supportive spirit among participants who all have overlapping professional and academic interests. This means that participants benefit from studying within a cohort of students who act as critical friends and an informal support network during the programme, and a continued network throughout their careers.

This is one of two doctoral programmes taught by researchers from here@lancaster.  There are two major differences between these two programmes.  Firstly, the programme described on this page is wholly online and does not require you to visit Lancaster University in person.  Secondly, although the content of the two programmes is broadly similar, the online programme has a module on Evaluative Practice with a focus on Higher Education whilst the other doctoral programme has a module on the links between work and learning.

The student perspective

Watch a video of Murray Saunders, Paul Trowler and Cheryl McElroy (a current student) discussing the student perspective of the new, online doctoral programme.

Our PhD student community

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Whether based on campus or a distance learner, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Read more»

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