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What our graduates say

PhD by traditional route

Karen Broomhead

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Karen BroomheadI began my PhD in the Department of Educational Research straight after my MA at Lancaster University.  I realised I wanted to continue my studies here due to the expertise and support provided by staff within the department.  My PhD was an extremely positive experience, and one that will never leave me!  From the beginning I was actively encouraged to participate in the research community within the Department, where I was able to engage and reflect on much wider educational issues.

I would not hesitate to recommend studying within the Department of Educational Research, as I feel I have gone from a dependent student to an independent researcher.  I am indebted to my supervisor for her support (and patience!), and due to my PhD have been able to obtain a Senior Lectureship at Liverpool John Moores University, using my research to inform and develop the knowledge of undergraduate Education Studies students.

Hayriye Tugba Ozturk

Ankara University, Turkey

Tugba OzturkI completed my thesis and graduated with a PhD in 2010. During my PhD studies, I had such a wonderful experience that it is in the acknowledgement part of my PhD thesis. I gave warm words of thanks to the staff, my supervisors and the Department. A PhD is team work and there are secret legends in my team.  The support from the Lancaster team was unstinting.

Now, I am a lecturer at Ankara University in Turkey and I am teaching my students emergent issues in the field that I learnt while doing my PhD. Also, through the network I made in Lancaster, I am connected to an invaluable community of practice. I am also very happy that I am having articles published in the leading journals, all thanks to the Lancaster crew who trained me very well!

If I was asked to do a second PhD, that would be Lancaster University again!

Cristina Sin

Researcher, Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies, Portugal

Christina SinDoing a PhD in Educational Research was a great experience both academically and personally. I have learnt what research is about, not only by carrying out a research project and writing a thesis, but also by joining a community of researchers and learning from them. I also had the opportunity to get involved in research beyond my PhD which, developmentally, was very useful. And, throughout the degree, the Department was a welcoming and supportive environment to be in. I couldn't have chosen a better place.

What our graduates say: Doctoral Programme in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning

Debbie Prescott

Head of the eLearning Unit, University of Liverpool

Debbie PrescottThe doctoral programme was one of the best things I have ever done! It was challenging but extremely rewarding and beneficial for me professionally. I gained many useful skills, some that I had not expected at all when I began this programme. I met, and have become friends with a lot of excellent people and as a result now have opportunities to be part of research groups and further work. I had an excellent experience and I'm very glad I decided to do the E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning Doctoral Programme.

Chryssa Themelis

European project partner: Leonardo  Da Vinci: Transfer of innovation

Chryssa ThemelisBeing a student at Lancaster University was an unforgettable experience. I was working and learning with experts from different countries sharing information, perspectives and real-life scenarios. I received support from professors, administrative staff and colleagues and I never felt like I was studying alone despite the fact that I was living a thousand miles away from Lancaster. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in educational research.

What our graduates say: Doctoral Programme in Educational Research

Veronica Bamber

Professor and Director, Centre for Academic Practice at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Veronica BamberThe PhD at Lancaster was absolutely seminal, both for me as a person and for my career. It gave me such confidence knowing that not only could I do my job better, but I knew why, and what the literature was. I used the programme as a platform for publishing papers, and a couple of years later I'm still reaping the benefits. Personally, I made wonderful friends, had great fun, and looked forward with glee to every single residential. A great experience and I have been recommending it to colleagues at every opportunity. Thank you, Lancaster!

Greg Benfield

Educational Developer, Oxford Brookes University

Greg BenfieldI joined the Doctoral Programme as an Educational developer specialising in learning technologies. I work in the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development in Oxford Brookes University and my work focuses on supporting e-learning as a tutor on the Postgraduate Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education. I am a Fellow of the Assessment Standards Knowledge exchange (ASKe). As well as my work at Brookes I deliver national workshops on e-learning and assessment and have been involved in a range of national JISC and Higher Education Academy e-learning projects. My PhD was titled 'Student's Experiences of Technology-Mediated, Assessed, Group Work'.

Pete Boyd

Pete BoydThe doctoral research programme provided a framework for me that helped me to develop projects that were related to my day job. The taught sessions and the group provided motivation and opportunities for discussion and thinking that were not then part of my normal routine at work. The synergy between my work and study helped me to progress my career as well as gain my doctorate.

Keith Brown

Director of International Development, Teeside University

Keith BrownI joined University of Sunderland after a long career in industry and studied the Cert Ed at Sunderland which gave me the impetus to conduct research into higher education. I was in the first cohort and really enjoyed the Programme graduating in 2000. I then progressed at Sunderland to Director of the International Office and in 2006 moved to Teesside University to establish the Centre for International Development becoming a member of the University's Corporate Executive Team.

Whilst I haven't undertaken much research since completing the PhD it has helped me enormously in my subsequent career in understanding how HE works, the policy framework for HE and in the internationalisation of HE.

Linda Drew

Dean of the Graduate School for Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art and Design and Wimbledon College of Art at the University of the Arts London

Linda DrewI was conferred Professor in 2007 (for distinction in Art and Design HE Pedagogy) and have now been editing a peer reviewed journal ‘Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education’ since 2001, latterly with Alison Shreeve, another Lancaster Doctoral Programme graduate. I have supervised PhD students and I have examined many PhDs across the world. I have a leadership role in HE and meet Doctoral Programme graduates involved in exciting policy, research and implementation roles all the time, we are everywhere in HE! I made life long friends at Lancaster, I can honestly say this programme had a significant impact on the way I see the world today.

Fiona Hallett

Reader in Education, Edge Hill University

Fiona HallettHaving heard many varied accounts of PhD study I cannot overstate the quality of the Doctoral Programme in Educational Research. The experience, itself, from the personal support from all involved to the breadth and depth of intellectual challenge was second to none. I published two articles from my research whilst writing up my PhD (both as a result of support and encouragement from tutors on the programme) and have continued to develop articles from my thesis since completing in February 2010. The academic environment developed by the department enables students to engage with associated conferences and reading groups during, and beyond the life of, the Programme which enables students to become part of a vibrant academic community.

Paul Kleiman

Deputy Director PALATINE, Lancaster University

Paul KleimanUndertaking the Doctoral Programme was not just a hugely challenging and immensely satisfying educational experience. It marked a significant development in my professional career, and enabled me to establish a national and international reputation as a specialist in the field of creativity in higher education.

Steve O'Connor

Assistant Professor, Department for Health Services Research, Maastricht University

Steve O'ConnorCompleting my Doctoral training in Educational Research at Lancaster University was one of the best career choices I have ever made. The stimulating environment and constant encouragement from experts in the field enabled me to develop not only my research skills, but my professional identity as an educationalist.

Since gaining my doctorate, I have been one of the successful applicants for an EU Erasmus Lifelong Learning grant to develop a blended learning leadership training programme for public health professionals in Europe (LEPHIE), and am currently working with the Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS) to develop a common framework for professional doctorates in nursing science within Europe.

Alison Shreeve

Alison ShreeveThe Doctoral Programme in Educational Research was a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional development. Since achieving my PhD I have increased my research outputs, gained a new post as Head of School and become a National Teaching Fellow. This culminated in being conferred Professor in September 2013. The Doctoral Programme and the confidence I gained through doing it has been a major contribution to my achievements.

Ian Willis

Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool

Ian WillisI really enjoyed the doctoral programme, well not quite every single moment! But the overall experience has been a real boost to me professionally. No question that it helped me to develop my teaching and research, plus I have made good friends and networks. The programme has also has opened up opportunities that I could not have foreseen.

Brian Windram

Senior Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University

Brian WindramHaving come into higher education directly from the accounting profession, I undertook the doctoral programme to enhance my academic capabilities, confidence and credentials. The programme offered me the opportunity to think deeply about educational policy, about learning and about the important connections between education and work.The stimulating and supportive social interactions with my cohort and the Lancaster staff during and between the regular residential events was invaluable and greatly enhanced the educational experience.

Since gaining my PhD I have taken up a promoted post with responsibility for international collaborative programmes as well a number of interesting external academic appointments with various accounting professional bodies.


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