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Ellie Karakouloglou

Graduated in 2009

Ellie KarakouloglouAfter completing a BEd in Early Childhood Education in my home country -Greece- I came all the way to Lancaster to prepare for an academic career. Once I graduated, I went on to complete an MA in Educational Research at the University of Sheffield. I am currently employed as a lecturer at Mediterranean College (Athens, Greece), which collaborates with Edexcel International and the University of Derby, preparing students to become Early Childhood Education practitioners.
I am glad I completed the PinE course, not only for the excellence of its academic staff; the warmth and kindness I have experienced from non-academic staff made my student life less stressful and more joyful. Apart from developmental theories and how to use SPSS, PinE members taught me important professional skills that I am applying in my current position. At times of economic crisis, demonstrating excellent professional skills rather than just stating one has completed a course in the UK gets employers interested.

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