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Early Modern Workshops at Lancaster University

Date: 18 October 2013

We are very excited to announce the details of a series of undergraduate and postgraduate seminars and workshops, all linked to our Early Modern teaching, which will be taking place in Lancaster Castle.

Tuesday 21st January, 2pm-3pm and 3pm-4pm: Imprisonment and Liberty in Measure for Measure

'Be absolute for death' (3.1.5) declares the Duke to Claudio, who is imprisoned and awaiting execution. Explore the resonance of these lines in Lancaster Castle, a space where people were held and hung at the monarch's pleasure in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and beyond. The workshop will take place in the former prison settings which are haunted by the presence of those who previously occupied them. No acting experience necessary, but not for the faint-hearted.

Tuesday25th February, 2pm-3pm and 3pm-4pm: Macbeth and Witchcraft

These seminars, in the witches' dungeon at Lancaster Castle, will consider the idea of the witches apparently offering power and freedom of action to Macbeth but his crimes of regicide and murder ultimately trapping him to be 'cabin'd, cribb'd confin'd, bound in / To saucy doubts and fears' just as the historical men and women who were accused of witchcraft at the assizes in Lancaster Castle and held in the witches dungeon were trapped

Monday 10th February, 10am-12pm: MA Workshop 'Capturing Witches'

This seminar will investigate the documents and the sites that were used to 'capture' so-called witches in Lancashire in the 1612 and 1634 trials and in the literary reworkings of those trials, notably in Thomas Potts's Discovery of Witches in Lancashire (1613) and Heywood and Brome's comedy The Late Lancashire Witches (1634). The seminar will begin in one of the upper dungeons in Lancaster Castle, and will include a descent to the witches' dungeon where the 1612 victims were held, interrogated and tortured.

The workshops on 21st January and 25th February are open to students on ENGL 306, the Shakespeare module. Anyone who wishes to attend should email Alison Findlay at The workshop on 10th February is for students on the MA in English Literary Studies who are taking the 'Politics and Place' module.


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