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Multilingual French Identities

This project explores the topic of multilingual French identities from a variety of literary, national and visual perspectives. The directors, Dr Charlotte Baker and Dr Delphine Grass, organised an international conference in January 2014 focusing on the intervention of foreign languages in French literary texts, linguistic identities in francophone literatures, the representation of multilingual identities in francophone cinema and the poetics of alterity in French poetry.  The conference attracted the interest and participation of scholars from fifteen different countries.

The directors’ focus is twofold:

Dr Charlotte Baker’s research focus in this area concerns the negotiation of multilingual identities in Francophone and Anglophone African novels and films. She is interested in questions of cultural translation and in the multilingual novel's challenge to the official languages adopted in post-independence sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Delphine Grass’s research focuses on the question of multilingual authorship in twentieth-century French literature. Through the study of Modernist multilingual authors from the Alsace-Lorraine such as Hans/Jean Arp, Yvan Goll, Eugène Jolas and Claude Vigée, her research aims to question theoretical assumptions regarding the relationship between the literary author and language.

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