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Researching 1980s TV in chilly Berlin

Date: 30 January 2014

Rebecca Braun has been busy staying warm in the archives of the Academy of Arts in Berlin with outside afternoon temperatures of minus ten. She is currently tracking down materials surrounding a1980s TV biopic made about the publisher Siegfried Unseld who ran Suhrkamp, one of the major literary publishing houses in Germany, from 1959 until his death in 2002. The biopic unwittingly reveals much about gender relations and group dynamicsin the German literary industry of the mid to late twentieth century - including self-stylisations of Unseld as a powerful 'panic resistant' swimmer and major author figures referring to themselves as his 'harem women' and his 'patients'. Rebecca will present her findings at the conference 'Suhrkamp and European Literature', co-organised by the University of Kent and the Germany Literary Archive in Marbach, Germany, this March. Her paper will be titled '"Der Verleger oder Die Lust am Buch": Siegfried Unseld, Gender Politics and Group Dynamics in Late Twentieth- Century Ideas of "European Literature"'.


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