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Language Minors

Lancaster has a flexible approach to undergraduate study, particularly in your first year, and is one of only a handful of universities within the UK that allow students to study additional minor subjects alongside their major subject.

Depending on which subject you choose to study at Lancaster, you will have a level of flexibility during the first year of your degree programme through which you can choose to minor in other subjects to either complement or contrast with your major subject.

Many students choose to study French, German Italian or Spanish in the first year of their studies, either at intensive or advanced level.  You will follow the first year course of a degree in languages either consolidating your A or AS level in French, German or Spanish, or starting French, German, Italian or Spanish from scratch.

At the end of the first year, you can then choose to either continue with your language study, for example you  can combine it with what you originally came to study and then graduate with a joint honours degree, or continue with a reduced amount of modules to make a minor part of your degree. This will help to differentiate your degree when you enter the job market.

Please note: You don’t have to choose your Part I minor subjects until you have accepted an offer to study at Lancaster and have registered with us in the October of your year of entry.

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