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DELC 211: Understanding Culture

What is ‘culture’ and how does it work? How do 'art' and 'culture' relate to each other? What do we mean when we talk about the production and consumption of culture? Why does popular culture arouse conflicting responses? What do we mean by 'mass culture'? What role does the body play in our understanding of culture? How does culture relate to the market? Can a work of culture be an act of resistance?

These are some of the questions we will explore in this course through the three modules on Resistance and Co-Option, Culture and Embodiment, and Culture and the Market. The course aims to give you a background to and insight into the diversity of twentieth and twenty-first century thought and contemporary definitions of culture.

  • Convenor: Dr Cornelia Grabner
  • Term: Michaelmas
  • Assessment: Commentary (15%), Essay (25%), Examination (60%)
  • Language: This module is taught in English and all texts are available in English

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