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1st Year Modules

All our Part I courses have a language component and a culture component which considers how key moments in history have shaped contemporary society through the study of film, plays, novels and other types of text. The culture programmes consist of a combination of lectures and seminars over 20 weeks.

Advanced Language Modules

We offer French, German and/or Spanish at advanced level:

  • FREN101: French Studies (Advanced)
  • GERM101: German Studies (Advanced)
  • SPAN101: Spanish Studies (Advanced)

These courses are for students who have at least a B at 'A' level or an A at 'A/S' level (or equivalent). The 101 (post-A level) courses will give you the opportunity to undertake a range of practices. These will consolidate your competence at 'A' or 'A/S' levels, enabling you to progress to at least proficiency level B2 of the Common European Framework. Their aim is to qualify you for advanced degree-level language study. There are 3 language classes per week.

Intensive Language Modules

We also offer French, German, Italian or Spanish at "beginners" level:

  • FREN100: French Studies (Intensive)
  • GERM100: German Studies (Intensive)
  • ITAL100: Italian Studies (Intensive)
  • SPAN100: Spanish Studies (Intensive)
  • CHIN 100: Chinese (Intensive)

These courses are for students who wish to embark on the study of a language and have proven language learning ability: at least an A in any language GCSE (or equivalent) or a grade A or B at 'A' level in a language other than the one you wish to study.

The language component of the 100 courses is an intensive course of study with the aim that students reach A/S level standard by the end of the year. There are 4 language classes per week (6 for Chinese).

Students should not normally study more than one language at "beginners" level due to the intensive nature of the programmes.

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