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Final Year Language Specific or Comparative Specialist Modules

You will be taught by lecturers who conduct internationally respected research into the languages and cultures of Germany, Italy, France and the French-speaking world and Spain including Catalonia, and South America, as well as into aspects of Europe as a whole since the Early Modern Period.

Final year specialist courses include:

  • DELC 340: Autocrats, Caudillos and Big Men: Understanding Dictatorship in its Cultural Representation in the Twentieth Century
  • DELC 342: Imagining Modern Europe: Post-Revolutionary Utopias and Ideologies in the first Half of the Nineteenth Century
  • DELC 343: Writing in the margins: narrating cross-cultural experience
  • DELC 344: Contemporary Cities in Literature and Film
  • DELC 345: Francophone Voices: Literature and Film from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Canada
  • DELC 346: Love, Religion and Society in the 18th-century French Novel
  • DELC 347: Forms of Modernity and the Modernity of Forms in French Literature: 1850-2000
  • DELC 351: Literature and Fame in Contemporary Germany
  • DELC 352: Images of Austria: National Identity and Cultural Representation
  • DELC 354: Culture and Politics in the GDR
  • DELC 356: Myths of Italian Resistance: Italian Fascism and its Narratives in Post-War Film and Literature
  • DELC 361: Social Movements and Committed Writing in Mexico since 1968
  • DELC 364: Latin America and Spain on Film: Masculinities and Violence in context
  • DELC 365: Game of (Spanish) Thrones: Treachery, War and Exile in Spanish Poetry (13th-20th c.)

Joint Majors

You may consider exploring an interest in a particular topic you have touched upon as part of your second year studies, and to develop your own 'specialist subject' working on a dissertation instead of taking these options.

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