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Theme 3: Competitiveness, Global Production and Labour Relations

Short Description

This seminar explores the changing global landscape of competitiveness in production and labour relations. 'Roll-out neoliberalism' (Tickell & Peck 2003; Coe et al., 2006; Ward 2005; Habermas 1999) is pursued to promote flexibility but meets growing resistance to the uneven and unequal social and spatial development that results from standard forms of economic competition (Hale & White 2005; Mittelman 2000). Also discusses, therefore, the prospects for changing cultures of competitiveness in firms and labour relations.

Full programme

Date: 9th July 2008

Venue: Manchester University, School of Environment and Development

Seminar Papers

'Political Contestation in Global Production Networks'

David Levy,Management Studies

'Varieties of Temporary Staffing: Evidence From Five Countries'

Neil Coe & Kevin Ward, Geography, SED, University of Manchester

'Competitiveness In Education and Everyday Life: Campaigns for 'Employability' After the Globalised Turn'

Phoebe Moore , Politics and Contemporary History, University of Salford

'Cross Border Collaboration of Trade Unions in the Context of Competition and Arbitraging Labour (and capital)'

Jane Hardy, Political Economy, Hertfordshire Business School

'Articulation of 'New Constitutionalism' with 'New Ethicalism': Wal-Martization and CSR-ization in Developing Countries'

Ngai-Ling Sum, Politics, Lancaster University

'Life on the Edge: Navigating the Tensions between the 'Social' and the 'Economic' in the Social Economy and its Relations to the Mainstream'

Ray Hudson, Geography, University of Durham

'Theoretical Reflections on a Changing Investment Incentive Structure '

Kytir Sandra, Sociology, Lancaster University



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