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Theme 4: Changing Cultures of Competitiveness in Education

Short description

This seminar explores the role and impact of competitiveness in education at institutional, national, regional scales. While it is discursively mobilised through institutional and sectoral restructuring and 'lifelong learning' (Robertson 2005) to enhance competitiveness (Slaughter & Rhoades 2004; Marginson 2006), education is also central to cohesion (Green & Preston 2001; Castells & Himanen 2002; OECD 2006). It focuses on these policies, their tensions, and their outcomes.

Date: 23rd January 2009

Venue: Bristol University , Graduate School of Education

Programme for event

Seminar Papers

‘Rank/lings': European Higher Education, Global League Tables and World Re-Orderings

Susan Robertson

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

Jerrold L Kachur

High Skills the Knowledge Economy: China and India

Hugh Lauder

Venezuela and ALBA: Counter-hegemonic regionalism and higher education for all

Thomas Muhr

Civil Society Networks and the Complex Education Multilateralism:
Evidence from the WTO/GATS negotiations

Antoni Verger






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