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Theme 5: Changing Cultures of Competitiveness: Social and Environmental Dimensions

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Based on seminars 1-4, this seminar examines how civic activism (Klein 2002) prompts new socially- and environmental-oriented attempts to incorporate 'ethical governance' and security concerns into cultures and practices of competitiveness (e.g., corporate social responsibility, green competitiveness, security for competitiveness) Key themes and mechanisms include codes of conduct, guidelines, and promoting best practice (Utting 2002; Kell et al. 2004; Mamic 2005). We discuss and evaluate mechanisms and practices in the light of their claims to reduce unevenness and inequalities.

Date: 17th April 2009

Venue: Lancaster University , Institute for Advanced Studies and Department of Politics and International Relations

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Seminar Papers

Big Business and Inclusive Development : Changing Roles and Perceptions

Peter Utting

‘Spatial fix' or ‘technical fix'? Labour conditions, CSR and the re-organization of the global athletic footwear product chain

Jeroen Merk

‘Beyond Auditing ', Financial Crisis and Competitiveness Challenges: Remaking Global Governance Standards/Norms

Changing cultures of urban competitiveness:
Towards a new urban politics of carbon control?

Andrew E G Jonas

Environmental Governmentality

Emma Foster

Ethical Trade Initiative

Martin Cooke

Green New Deal

Gina Dowding




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