Exploring the policy-practice nexus in higher education research
Symposium: Thursday 4 June 2015
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Exploring the policy-practice nexus in higher education research

County South Private Dining Rooms, Lancaster University, UK

Thursday 4th June 2015: 9.30am - 5.15pm (to be followed by a drinks reception)

This symposium will examine the relations between policies and practices in higher education research.

In the morning Bob Lingard (University of Queensland) and Murray Saunders (Lancaster University) will explore how different ways of conceptualising policies shape our understanding of higher education practices. In the afternoon, Jenni Case (University of Cape Town) and Paul Ashwin (Lancaster University) will examine how different ways of understanding students’ experiences of higher education impact on the way in which we understand the policy implications of research in this area. Monica McLean (University of Nottingham) will act as a discussant at the end of the day.

The symposium is aimed at higher education researchers, as well as policy makers and practitioners who have an interest in taking a research-informed approach.

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