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Globalisation, Knowledge and the New Economy

Date: 27 April 2006 Time: 2.00-3.00 pm

Venue: IAS MR1 and A41 Faraday (both via video conferencing to Bristol)

Professor Susan Robertson, University of Bristol will be speaking about the idea that we live in an 'information age', and that economies and societies can be called 'knowledge-based', has emerged as a powerful discourse linked to education and is increasingly shaping policy and programmes in developed and low income countries. As a result there is a greater premium placed on 'knowledge' for the economy, particularly in the conditions of its production,in turn giving rise to new knowledge in the form of ideas and innovations, and management - to use knowledge more efficiently and effectively. The idea, too, that value from 'knowledge' can be realized through patents and copyright, has resulted in a dramatic change in the global environment in intellectual property, while particular knowledge producers in the form of brains or talents are being strategically recruited by firms and governments to enhance economic development at a variety of scales - cities, regions and nations. In this seminar I suggest these broad themes illustrate and substantiate the idea that the globalisation-education dynamic embraces 'real' phenomena (for instance the rise and spread of digital technologies, the possibilities of new forms of learning) and new ways knowing, interpreting and constructing meanings (for instance the idea of a knowledge economy, learning economy, lifelong learning, knowledge as a private good, knowledge as a commodity).

Susan Robertson is a Professor of Sociology of Education in the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. Her research focus is on globalisation, the state, education policy and labour. She coordinates the Centre for Globalisation, Education and Societies (GES) and is founding editor for the journal Globalisation, Societies and Education.

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