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Worldviews in technological conflicts

Date: 16 May 2006 Time: 1-2 pm

Speaker: Birgit Peuker (visiting from TEchnical University of Dresden)

Venue: Furness LT3

Abstract: Controversies over technological risk are more related to "world-views" than to the perception of risk itself. Risk is likely to be a concept used by different actors in society to pursue their particular interests, especially those around desirable relations between society and nature. The expectation of future developments is seen to influence these different representations of society, nature and the role of humans (cosmopolitics). The controversy about the use of GMO's in agriculture is taken to be a case of a risk-controversy, where different concepts of the relationship of nature and society emerge. The purpose of the study is not only to describe these different concepts, but also to consider the conditions under which they either come into conflict or simply coexist.


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