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Religious Studies Seminars 2003-04

Date: 1 October 2003

Week 1, Monday 7 October Dr John Shepherd 'Self-critical children of Abraham? Scripture and extremism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam?'

Week 2, Monday 13 October Professor Pnina Werbner, Keele University 'Sufi Cults, Intimate Relations, and National Pakistani Networking in Britain'

Week 4, Monday 27 October Professor Irven Resnick, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 'Representations of the 'Other' Jew in Medieval Christendom'

Week 6, Monday 10 November Dr Shabnum Tejani, SOAS 'Hindu Liberalism and Indian Muslim in the Debates Around Constitutional Reform, 1906-1909.'

Week 8, Monday 24 November Dr Paul Fletcher & Dr C. Ram-Prasad 'Religion and Politics: Five theses on history and eschatology.'

Week 10, Monday 8 December Dr Deborah Sawyer 'The power of Queen Vashti's 'no': the use of the female body in some biblical texts'

Lent 2004

To be held in Room C.69, Furness College, Lancaster University. From 4.30 pm - 6.00 pm.

Week 2, 19th January Dr Somdev Vasudeva, Wolfson College, Oxford 'Early Kaula tantra doctrine'

Week 4, 2nd February Dr David Smith, Lancaster University 'Nietzsche's Hinduism'

Week 5, 9th February Professor Bryan Rennie, Westminster College, Pennsylvania 'Eliade's Orientalism'

Week 6, 16th February Dr Elizabeth De Michaelis, Dharam Hinduja Institute of Indic Research, Cambridge University 'A Deep History of Modern Yoga'

Week 8, 1st March Dr Martyn Percy, Lincoln Theological Centre, University of Manchester 'Returning to "the Blessing": Charismatic Atrophy in Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship'

Week 9, 8th March Dr Rachel Dwyer, SOAS 'The Gods in Indian cinema'


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