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Religious Studies: What's the Point? - December 2003

Date: 15-16 December 2003

The Department hosted a two-day conference entitled 'Religious Studies: What's the Point?' at Lancaster on 15th-16th December 2003.

Organised by Ian Reader, the conference was supported by supported by PRS-LTSN, and attracted 50 participants from Japan, US, Europe and the UK.


Richard D. Hecht (University of California, Santa Barbara): Smart Phenomenological Pedagogy: Ninian Smart and the Teaching of Religious Studies

Ron Geaves (Chester College): Religion or Religions? The Dilemma of Teaching Religion in a Post-Smart World

John Achterkirchen (University of California, Santa Barbara): Our Literature is a Substitute for Religion, and so is our Religion

James Cox (University of Edinburgh): Methodological Agnosticism and the Future of Religious Studies

John Shepherd (University College of St. Martin's, Lancaster):Phenomenological Perspectivalism: From Empathy to Criticism

Evan Berry (University of California, Santa Barbara):Dimension of Religion and Nature: Ninian Smart on Religion and Ecology

Robert A. Segal (Lancaster University): In Defense of the Comparative Method

Response: Gavin Hyman (Lancaster University)

L. Philip Barnes (University of Ulster): Does the Academic Study of Religion rest on a Mistake?

Philip Goodchild (University of Nottingham): On 'Religion': Speeches to its Cultural Despisers

Graham Harvey: Tribalism or Globalism? The Challenge of Indigenous Religious Traditions to the Study of Religions

Tim Jensen (Southern University of Denmark): From History of Religions to The Study of Religions to.? - A Critical Survey of the State of Affairs in Denmark

David Smith (Lancaster University): The Place of Hinduism within Religious Studies: Past, Present and Future'

Steve Sutcliffe (University of Edinburgh): Putting 'Religion' to Work.

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