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Buddhism and Popular Culture

Date: 14-16 July 2006 Time: 4.00 pm onwards

Full Programme

Conference to be held at Lancaster University, Institute of Advanced Studies, registration 4.00 pm, programme from 5.00 pm onwards

Anne Blackburn (Cornell) 'Writing Histories from Landscape and Architecture: Sukhothai and Chiang Mai' Gregory Schopen (UCLA) 'Religious Festivals in Early North Indian Buddhist Monasteries' George Tanabe (Hawaii) 'The Death and Rebirth of Buddhism in Contemporary Japan'

Cathy Cantwell (Oxford) 'Variations in Tibetan Buddhist Meditations on Deities: the Process of Generating Practices'Kate Crosby (SOAS) 'Penalties for Sacrilege: Mistreatment of the Sacred in Theravada Literature'Ven. Mahinda Deegalle (Bath Spa) 'Role of Texts in Popular Buddhist Preaching in Sri Lanka'Silke Geffcken (Ghent) 'Travelling in Search for Enlightenment: Chan Encounters with Yuanwu Keqin (1063-1135)'Peter Harvey (Sunderland) 'Buddhist Reflections on Crime, Prevention and Punishment'Hiroko Kawanami (Lancaster) 'The Bhikkhuni Ordination Debate: the Position of Burmese Sangha' Rob Mayer (Oxford) 'Buddhism and the Sensuous Underworlds of the Asuras'Lawrence Normand (Middlesex) 'Shangri-La and History in 1930s England'Sam van Schaik (British Library) 'Pilgrims and Palaeography at Dunhuang'Gay Watson (SOAS) 'Buddhism, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience' PLUS Postgraduate panel: Naomi Appleton (Oxford), Yui Kwan Chan (Lancaster), Georgias Halkias (Oxford) , Jothika Khur-Yearn (SOAS)

For further information please contact one of the organisers:Ian Harris Ian


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Organising departments and research centres: Religious Studies


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