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IAS Conference - Models and Modes of Creative Practice: Art, Writing and Research

Date: 19 September 2006 Time: 9.30 am

ThemeDoes the institutional securing and harnessing of creative practice come at a price? What are the consequences for how practice occurs, how it is understood, and what comes forth from it? That is, some of the contemporary conditions for creative practice, in particular the requirement to describe, document or justify creative practice as 'research', raise fresh questions and pose old ones in a new light. Specifically, contributions to the conference will consider:

  • What is creative practice and how is it to be understood?
  • Is creative practice a largely mysterious process of inspiration and expression or can it be rationally conceptualised, planned, and evaluated?
  • Should creative practice be made accountable, and if so how?
  • What is the relationship between different approaches to writing about or documenting a creative practice and the practice itself, particularly when the practice takes a primarily visual or material form?
  • Is a notion of research drawn largely from the social and human sciences applicable to creative practice in the arts? What issues do creative practitioners confront when required to comply with a research model? What alternative might be provided by the history of different kinds of writing by artists about practice and, more broadly, literature and poetics?
  • Are other models of research available, some perhaps more attuned to the particular demands of creative practice in the arts?

Drawn widely from art practice, writing, theory and education, and calling on the experiences of both new and established researchers, writers and teachers, conference contributions and discussions will be of interest to creative practitioners and theorists from a variety of disciplines and subject areas.


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