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Divine Violence on Revolution and the Event

Date: 29 March 2006 Time: 10.00-05.30pm

Divine Violence

On Revolution and the Event

29 March 2006 - 10.00am-5.30pm One Day Symposium

In his influential, if enigmatic, essay of 1921, 'Critique of Violence,' Walter Benjamin made the now familiar distinction between sovereign violence and divine violence. While the former represented the law-making and law-preserving violence of the state, the latter corresponded to the bloodless violence of revolutionary transformation. This one day symposium will assess the status of liberal modernity through the lens of these and allied reconfigurations: specifically, form and event, authority and freedom, power and transformation, immanence and transcendence, peace and war. The aim of the day is to provide a series of locations via which the nature of the mythologemes of contemporary politics might be reconsidered and interrogated.


Howard Caygill, Goldsmith's College.

'Revisiting the Critique of Violence'

Mick Dillon, Lancaster University.

'Between Event and Form: Machiavelli, Time and Emergency'

Paul Fletcher, Lancaster University.

'Towards Perpetual Revolution: Kant on Freedom and Authority'

Elina Staikou, Goldsmith's College.

'The Love of Ruins: Derrida on Benjamin'

Arthur Bradley, Lancaster University.

'Derrida, Messianism and Mediation'

Chair: Galin Tihanov, Lancaster University

Lecture Theatre 2 Furness College, Lancaster University


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