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Centre for Mobilities Research - Mobile Communications Workshop

Date: 09 January 2004

The Mobile Communications Workshop was successfully held on January 9th, 2004, at Lancaster House Hotel, with thirty participants from academia and industry from across the country, and, with even greater internationalism than we expected, also from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The workshop addressed the following questions:

  • Are technological and socio-cultural changes in mobile communication leading to a shift from 'network' structures to more fluid, ubiquitous, or distributed systems?
  • If so, with what effects on social practices, institutions, and markets?
  • What are some of the future scenarios for the development of mobile communications, mobile and ubiquitous computing, and mobile multimedia from a range of technical, economic, social, and cultural perspectives?
  • What are the emerging complexities, risks, and governance structures associated with these future scenarios?
  • What new modes of social exclusion, uneven development, and power relations are emerging in relation to these socio-technical developments?

These questions were addressed across the concepts of emerging mobile technologies and emerging mobile socialities.

Many participants in the workshop also attended the Alternative Mobility Futures Conference. Some of them, along with other conference contributors, are being invited to contribute articles to an edited publication. The proposed collection is to be edited by Mimi Sheller and John Urry, entitled Mobile Technologies of the City, and is currently being submitted to the Routledge series Networked Cities.

The workshop was funded through the IAS's Incubation Programme.

Download a full report of the event below.

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