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ARP 2006-2007. Regions and Regionalism in and beyond Europe. Colloquium 1 - What is a Region?

Date: 2-3 November 2006 Time: 10.00am

The IAS Annual Research Programme for this year is entitled Regions and Regionalism in and beyond Europe. This programme has been formulated against a background which has witnessed a relative decline in the concept of the national state. Paradoxically, this decline has been accompanied by a resurgence of nationalist aspirations on the part of sub-national communities whose ethnicity, culture and language mark them as different from the state of which they are part. This paradox is rendered more complex as far as Europe is concerned.

The programme is split into 5 colloquia which will be followed by an international conference. The first of these colloquia will be held on 2-3 November in the IAS building. The event runs under the heading What is a region? Mythical and historical contructs of regional identity.

The question what constitutes a region? implicitly challenges the assumption that regions have organic or natural definitions. Whereas some regions can be identified as historically separate entities marked out by linguistic, religious or cultural identities, others have merged through political processes or economic locales. Some regions have exploited geographical isolation to preserve or construct a history of separatism, while others have been shaped by stronger states on their borders.

On 2 November the colloquium will stage keynote papers from Michael Keating (Aberdeen University and EIU, Florence) and Michal Buchowski (Frankfurt University). There will also be discussion fora with internal and external particpants. A Postgraduate Workshop on the themes arising will take place on 3 November.

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