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Paul Kleiman, LICA

Date: 14 February 2007 Time: 4.00 pm

Department of Educational Research Seminar


Creative Conversations: conceptions of creativity in learning and teaching in higher education

Creativity surrounds us on all sides: from composers to chemists, cartoonists to choreographers. But creativity is a puzzle, a paradox, some say a mystery. (Boden 1991)

Creativity has now entered the discourse in higher education, as part of a wider policy agenda that situates creativity alongside other agenda items such as enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation. There is an expectation that higher education will engage with creativity in the design, delivery and assessment of its curricula. But creativity is an elusive, slippery and complex notion, with many aspects and facets, and it evades the sort of definition, categorisation and compartmentalisation required to incorporate it into the curriculum frameworks and assessment regimes that are currently in place in higher education.

Paul will discuss the findings from two linked research projects that each set out to explore the variation in the way academics - from a range of arts, humanities and science disciplines - conceptualise and experience creativity in relation to their pedagogic practice. The first project was an analysis of detailed responses to an online questionnaire about the conceptions and experiences of creativity in learning and teaching in higher education. The second project, and main focus of this session, was a phenomenographic study of academic conceptions of creativity in learning and teaching in higher education, based on in-depth, semi-structured interviews with a selection of respondents to the online survey. These 'conversations about creativity' revealed the fascination with and complexities of exploring creativity within the context of learning and teaching.

Location: owland North Seminar Room 7 - originally A20

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