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LRDG Special Seminar

Date: 21 March 2007 Time: 1.00 pm

Alternative contexts of literacy development in Nigeria'tope Omoniyi, Roehampton UniversityWe have witnessed a growth in the number of internet cafés, especially in metropolitan areas, but institutional recognition of the potential of computers and the world-wide-web to facilitate the delivery of literacy in particular, and educational development in general is slower in coming. To a large extent, the theory and practice of computer education still separate private and public providers of education and the former have a fairly elite clientele (see Omoniyi 1994, In press). The cybercafés are more or less informal social spaces where students go to 'browse' and meet up with real and virtual friends for 'chats', with education and literacy as lesser motive for internet café patronage. Within the framework of 'linguistics applied', I shall discuss the ways in which the world-wide-web potentially challenges the traditional boundaries set by school curricula and therefore challenge classroom teachers at the point of delivery. I shall present a critical assessment of texting and browsing as 'web literacy' practices (Hawisher and Selfe, 2000) and argue that teacher training curricula need to address this aspect of social development in order that they can adequately support their clientele.Date: Week 10: 21 March 2007 SPECIAL MEETING Time: 1 - 2pm Venue: A40 County South (in the ICR wing of the IAS building).

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