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Biennial Conference of the Internationale-Robert-Musil-Gesellschaft

Date: 20 September 2007 Time: TBC

Re-contextualising Robert Musil: the author 'without qualities' and European culture

The conference is being held by the International Robert Musil Societyin collaboration with the Department of European Languages and Cultures, Lancaster, United Kingdom and with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

The Theme of the Conference

With Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften (The Man without Qualities, 1930-32) Robert Musil gave world literature one its most enduring works of narrative fiction. Among the defining features of his novel are the breadth and depth of Musil's engagement with the cultural cross-currents - Austrian, German, Anglo-Saxon, European - of its age; the Lancaster Colloquium will set out to explore these. Papers of twenty to thirty minutes in length will investigate influences on Robert Musil from the perspective of various cultural traditions of the 19th and 20th century. Though the central focus will be on Musil himself, the remit is broad and may range over such themes as Romanticism in Britain and Europe as a whole, modernism, intertextuality, theory and practice of the encyclopaedic European novel, Austrian prose and its transnational outreach, and the interplay of aesthetics and morality within modern European culture (eg Ruskin and the Arts and Crafts movement.)

Papers will be given in one of the two conference languages, namely German or English, while panel discussions will be in both languages according to the choice of the speakers and the participating members of the audience.

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