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Human Rights Forum Seminar

Date: 15 May 2007 Time: 2.00-4.00pm

Human Rights in Contemporary US Foreign and Security Policy: Consistencies and Inconsistencies

Introduced by Jan Hancock Centre for International Politics, University of Manchester

This paper details the consistencies and inconsistencies in the human rights claims of pose 9/11 foreign and security policy made by the George W. Bush administrations. The contributions and linitations of two common explanations of this narrative are evealuated; (i) that human rights can, at some times and in some circumstances but not others, constitute a foreign policy goal and; (ii) that the human rights claims of policymakers can be dismissed as hypocritical rhetoric since policy practice fails to meet the necessary conditions for human rights. This paper contricutes to this debate by applying the works of early twentieth century political culture theorists to identify a consistent application of human rights claims as a techniqueof governance. By charting the production of an ethical narrative as a function of social power, the article details how language has been consistently employed to inculcate, rather than reflect, reality.

Time: Tuesday 15th May, 2-4pm

Venue: Bowland North Small Lecture Theatre

Followed by a wine reception in the Law School

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