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The Electronic Revolution in Textual Analysis.

Date: 4 June 2007 Time: 1.00 pm

The Electronic Revolution in

Textual Analysis.

A Research Training Seminar.

Monday 4th June, 1.00-5.00 p.m.

IAS Meeting Room 2 and 3,

Lancaster University. All welcome.

Linguistic analysis of written texts or transcribed speech has long been a valuable research method but the electronic revolution has created a wealth of often unexploited possibilities. First, texts analysed by scholars are now routinely available in digital, searchable form, ranging from the sixteenth-century texts of Early English Books Online through newspapers and journals to transcripts of yesterday's research interviews. Secondly, computational and corpus linguists have developed powerful tools that automate much of the analysis. These can identify, for example, different and changing frequencies, registers and structures. By categorising text grammatically and semantically, tools can find key words and key concepts.

The seminar is intended to encourage use of electronic textual analysis by people doing research in FASS and beyond.


1.00-2.00 Lunch provided.Opportunity to discuss relevant research questions and to see demonstrations of some tools of corpus linguistics.

2.00-3.30 Presentations

Introduction. Paul Rayson and Dawn Archer: An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics and its applications to FASS research.

Case Study 1. Andrew Hardie and Stephen Pumfrey: Historical text mining applied to Early Modern English literature.

Case Study 2. Stuart Riley and Paul Rayson: linguistic analysis applied to contemporary research interviews

Research Opportunities.

Tony McEnery: Directions in research and opportunities for funding.

3.30-4.00 Tea

4.00-5.00 Round Table

Chair: Ian Gregory: Where do we want to go next?


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