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Lancaster Complexity Network - Complexity Analyses Workshop

Date: 12 November 2003

There have been various email discussions at Lancaster about the possibilities of developing a research 'focus' around the theme of 'complexity' (arising from an original suggestion by the Vice-Chancellor). The University's Research Committee, keen to pursue this, set up an initial half-day Workshop. This was attended by about 25 colleagues from across all faculties in the University (with apologies from about another 10 colleagues). It was organised by John Urry from the Sociology department (administrative arrangements were made by Heather Moyes from IAS). Ray Macdonald, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Resources, formally opened the Workshop.

Various colleagues had placed their papers on the IAS website (including one by Mick Dillon, who could not be present). The afternoon's discussions revolved around these various papers, each of which were briefly introduced.

The papers, most of which are available to download, were on the following themes:

Mike Pidd (Management School) on complexity formulations in management thinking David Worthington (Management School) on the NHS as a complex system Peter McClintock (Physics) on the complexity of cardiovascular systems Ram-Prasad (Religious Studies) on self consciousness as emergent complexity Graham Chapman (Geography) on complex systems analysis especially in development studies Deborah Sutton/ Paolo Pallodino (History) on empires as complex systems Gordon Blair (Computing) on information systems as complex John Urry (Sociology) on the complexity of the global car system Mick DILLON (Politics) on poststructuralism, complexity and poetics

It was agreed that these were papers were stimulating and indicated that this initiative should be taken forward. Subsequent to the Workshop, a series of lunch-time seminars has been taking place. Full details are available on the Complexity mini-site.

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