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Changing Cultures of Competitiveness: Discourses and Knowledge Brands

Date: 18 January 2008 Time: 8.45am-6.00 pm

This seminar examines the importance of brands in the post-Fordist economy (Arvidsson 2006), especially in its manifestation as a knowledge-based economy. Papers will focus on the emergence of 'economic competitiveness' as a new body of knowledge that is linked not only to theoretical and policy paradigms but also to specific 'knowledge brands' that are associated with high profile, high-value academic-gurus. New policy paradigms and knowledge brands (e.g., Porter's diamond model) and their implications for economic strategy and policy making are mediated by discourses and discursive networks (Thomas 2003; Sum 2006). They are frequently recontextualized on different scales and across different sites (Bernstein 1990; Muntigl et al., 2000; Fairclough 2006) and integrated into different sets and styles of strategy and policy oriented to economic competitiveness and its extra-economic preconditions. The seminar will also examine how institutions and individuals refashion policy and everyday practices and how this in turn affects skills, gender, class and race (McGuirk 2004).

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Associated staff: Ngai-Ling Sum

Organising departments and research centres: Politics and International Relations


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