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CeMoRe & Sociology Departmental Seminar

Date: 5 February 2008 Time: 4.15 - 6:00

VENUE: Meeting Room 1

: : Matterealities, mobilities and innovation : :

This talk draws on my involvement in ethnographically informed collaborative design of mobile and ubiquitous computing technologies. Together with computer scientists, interaction designers and professionals in landscape architecture, emergency response, and healthcare, I have co-developed prototype technologies that support novel, digitally augmented mobilities and material practices. A key part of our approach involves putting technologies into use in experiments, 'future laboratories' and through 'bricolage' in real work settings. This kind of 'futures sociology' (Urry) 'forces' the emergence of future practices, and creates opportunities for an 'ethnography of change'. In this talk I focus on connections between 'matterealities', mobilities and innovation'. As our societies are said to increasingly run on 'immaterial' digital resources, material practices (of mobility, production, consumption) and material forces (e.g. of climate change) seem to grow more powerful. Through the notions of 'mattereality' and 'matereal methods' I seek to explore the relationship between (im)materiality and change, in a way that is sensitive to the asymmetries between human and non-human agencies (Suchman 2007), connecting Karen Barad's agential realism (Barad 2007) with ethnomethodology, and theories and practices of innovation.

Monika Buscher (Department of Sociology, Lancaster University)


Who can attend: Anyone


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Organising departments and research centres: Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Sociology


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