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Constrained Choice: Gender and Health in the 21st Century

Date: 13 May 2008 Time: 13.00-14.00 (followed by a light lunch served in the CGWS club area (or 'Godesses Kitchen'; Bowland North B122)

Conference Centre at Lancaster University, Room 2

A lecture by Dr Patricia Rieker, (Visiting Scholar)

Patricia P. Rieker is Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Boston University, Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Sociology) at Harvard Medical School, and Emerita Professor at Simmons College. Among her wide-ranging publications are several co-edited books: The Gender Gap in Psychotherapy: Social Realities and Psychological Processes and Mental Health: Racism and Sexism.

Abstract Patricia Rieker examines how men's and women's lives and their physiology contribute to the perplexing differences in their physical and mental health. Although individuals are increasingly aware of what they should do to improve health, competing demands for time, money, and attention discourage or prevent healthy behavior. Drawing on research and cross-national examples of family, work, community, and government policies, she develops a model of constrained choice to address how decisions and actions at each of these levels shape men's and women's health-related opportunities. Understanding the cumulative impact of these choices can inform individuals and decision-makers at each of these levels how to better integrate health implications into their everyday decisions and actions. Modern societies health problems ultimately involve a combination of policies, personal behavior and choice. Thus, the platform for prevention she advocates calls for a radical reorientation of health science and policy to reduce barriers and create a new realm of possibilities to improve women's and men's health.


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