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Implementing The Human Right To Development As A Vehicle For Poverty Eradication

Date: 19 June 2008 Time: 1.00 pm


Human Rights Forum Lunchtime discussion, presented by Gyan Basnet (Law School)

1.00 - 2.00pm, Bowland North Seminar Room 3

Poverty is a complex historically-rooted social, economic, and political phenomenon. Its persistence among the majority of the world's people - "more than 20% live in abject poverty on less than $1 day, and about 50% on less than $2" - has led to serious questions being asked regarding world development policies and practice. The human "right to development" is a recent concept that has, according to Ghai, "generated very erudite arcane arguments on the nature of the human rights, rights holders, and duty bearers". It is the highly politicised nature of the right that has given rise to so much debate and controversy and still inhibits its implementation two full decades after its recognition in the Declaration of 1986. Since there has been relatively little exploration of the many dimensions of the right to development and its overall orientation, the presentation will explore the tension and congruence between human rights, the right to development and poverty eradication by applying holistic analysis. Firstly, in the light of the New International Economic Order (of the 1970s and 1980s), the political ideological conflict of the Cold War, and the emergence of 'developing countries', the study makes observations on the evolving 'notions' and 'debate' regarding development as a human right. Secondly, it incorporates "The Declaration of the Right to Development: A Paradigm Shift in Development" discourse. It examines both the content of the Declaration that recognised 'development' as a human right and the ensuing academic debate on the issue. Finally, it establishes the issues governing the inter-relationship between the human right to development and poverty alleviation. It analyses the roots of poverty and justifies the means by which the right to development, as a principle of human rights, can be fundamental to the eradication of existing global poverty.


Who can attend: Anyone


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Associated staff: Emilie Secker

Organising departments and research centres: Human Rights Forum, International Human Rights Obligations Network (IntHRON), Law


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