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Touching War: Wars on Terror

Date: 26 February 2009 Time: 9.45 - 6.00 pm

Workshop: Theorizing Terror and Its Aftermaths, with Professor Joseba Zulaika, Sociology, Nevada/Bilbao. Sponsored by IAS.

Date: Thursday 26 February 2009 Time: 9.45 - 6.00 pm. IAS MR 2-3.

Participants include: Joseba Zulaika (Nevada/Bilbao), Bulent Diken (Sociology), Bruce Bennett (Cultural Studies) and Feargal Cochrane, Vicky Mason, Swati Parashar, Christine Sylvester from Politics/IR.

Who can attend: Anyone

For information contact: Vicky Mason: or Christine Sylvester:


An Informal Discussion: with Joseba Zulaika And Christine Sylvester About Conflict, Regeneration, and the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, Wednesday, February 25, 2-3:30, County South B150. Sponsored by IAS.

Christine Sylvester will lead an informal Q&A discussion with Joseba Zulaika for interested staff and graduate students. Both have written about the Bilbao Guggenheim (see above).

For information contact Professor Christine Sylvester (Politics/IR):

Event website:

Event website:


Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Bruce Bennett, Feargal Cochrane, Bulent Diken, Victoria Mason, Christine Sylvester

Organising departments and research centres: Institute for Advanced Studies, Politics and International Relations


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