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First DOCTORAL Workshop (2008/09 Series)

Date: 22 October 2008 Time: 14:30- 16:30 pm

Anne-Marie Fortier be convening a number of

GWS PGworkshops for doctoral students this year.

The workshop will meet 3-4 times each term, for 2 to 2.5 hours each time, and will be student led.

This year the workshops are open to all doctoral students who are doing research in gender related matters and have an interest in gender and women's studies.

If you are a student, you do not have to be registered in GWS to attend, and you would most likely benefit from meeting otherstudents in the broad field of GWS - and vice versa!

If you are a member of staff and know about some students who might be interested, please let them knowabout these workshops.

At the first meeting on Wednesday 22 October, we will agree on dates for the year's

meetings, and will discuss topics and format.

Pleasetake some time to consider what you would like to do this term - it could be anything related to doing a PhD or to academic life and work

opportunities more broadly. I'll have some ideas, but please come with yours.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday 22 October (week 3) at 2:30,

Note that the workshops are compulsory for GWS doctoral students.

Please contact Jane Collins, CGWS to register for the workshop (including GWS

students), so she can ensure to book the right size room.

Event website:


Who can attend: Internal


Further information

Organising departments and research centres: Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Sociology


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